Batman: Year One (Review)


Now I thought as my first post I’d write about the very first DC comic I purchased a few weeks ago. I’ve got to say as a great Batman fan I knew my first comic had to be a Batman book, though the Birds of Prey volume was a close second. Will update on that when I’m finished with it – stay tuned, guys!

[Spoilers ahead!] So, even before opening the book I knew, based on the renowned name of Frank Miller that I was in for some violent scenes and I wasn’t wrong.

Now this storyline is is during the time before Bruce Wayne decided to put on the mantle of the Bat, therefore you get to see him being branded as a vigilante by the police. Another character that shouldn’t be missed was James Gordon, the future confidante of the Dark Knight. You got to see him be a moral, yet human person as always. The only non-corrupt cop in the police force which rubbed a lot of his colleagues the wrong way.┬áThe one moment I didn’t particularly like was when he had an affair while his wife Barbara was pregnant at home.

Sorry, Gordon, but one less point for you!

Who do we have next? Our guest of honor… drum roll, please: Miss Selina Kyle. She was displayed as some kind of hooker, but I’ve got to admit I liked how the people responsible gave her a more dark-skinned look. Catwoman got to don her suit and she appeared badass as always.

Okay, the highlights.


Now this scene was truly chilling and inspiring. The moment when Bruce Wayne knew for certain that he had to dress up as a bat when a shrieking, flapping animal crashed through the window. Especially when the billionaire just said to himself, “I know what I have to do now, father”.

The second moment that won me over was when Batman was ambushed by police men and one shot at him, and in doing so nearly got one (presumably Selina’s) cat. I loved it when the caped crusader even hit said cop for it. Kudos, more of this, Bruce!

Nearly forgot this highlight, though it would be a damn shame. It was truly mesmerizing when the Dark Knight let out a sound that called a swarm of bats to his location. Yep, just like in Nolan’s “Batman Begins” and it was just magnificent to see on paper.

All in all, I really loved this book, it was really amazing. Some blood and dark themes but it gave this Gotham a really edgy look. I definitely can’t wait to read more of this!


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