Justice League Trailer #2 at Comic Con

Who else is excited for Comic Con?

In just a few weeks, the 22nd of July to be exact, us DC fanboys and fangirls get to receive another Justice League trailer for the upcoming movie in November this year.

Ever since the reveal fans have been speculating and arguing if the big bad should be spoiled already, or even Superman with his new look.

I, myself rather like the idea of not knowing much to be honest. In the end, you already know what is happening and go to the cinemas with not a suspenseful feeling. But more a “sigh┬álet’s hope they can do this right”.

Not to mention, I hope Joss Whedon, the replacement for Zack Snyder, who did some finishing touches to the movie, did it justice. (Did certainly not intend to make a pun there!)

I want to put it out there, if you didn’t already know, I’m definitely Team DC Universe. Like I said before, there are certainly some speculations that Steppenwolf could be shown or even Superman with his dark suit, longer hair and a beard. But let’s see…

Nonetheless, I’m really excited for the Comic Con, and can’t wait! Here’s to seeing some amazing interviews, panels and trailers!

What are your thoughts on what should be revealed in the new trailer?


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